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 Donation & Prices -MINECRAFT-

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PostSubject: Donation & Prices -MINECRAFT-   Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:52 am


Tips & Tricks
(If you're a season veteran then this portion of this post is not for you.)
Only allow people you trust in your faction, otherwise they may upright leave with you're items! Only PvP with items you can afford to lose, admin's are not responsible for lost goods. Raiding and attacking enemy factions is allowed - TNT is enabled. Once you've got a foot hold and are able to secure a faction land it is advised to make a obsidian room where TNT will not affect it, there is a good place to store you're items. (Donators have bank access along with several other perks) Put water around you're base.

Donation Information:
One stat to level 250 for $1
All stats to level 250 for $5
All stats to level 750 for $10
All stats to level 1000 For $12

Donation Ranks:
Premium Package [$5]:
~Green Text
~$25000 In-Game
~/kit Premium (2 Diamond, 4 Gold Ingot, 6 Iron Ingot, 8 Coal) -EVERY 5 HOURS-
~/ignore - Can be used to ignore annoying/abusic players (N/A)
~Free xxlargevault (N/A)
~Free nickname

VIP Package [$10]
~Yellow Text
~$35000 In-Game
~/kit VIP (8 Diamond, 16 Gold Ingot, 32 Iron Ingot, 64 Coal) -EVERY 5 HOURS-
~Ignore - Can be used to ingore annoying/abusive players (N/A)
~Free xxxlargevault (N/A)
~Free nickname

Elite Package [$30]:
~Aqua Text
~Custom Rank
~$80000 In-Game
~Kit Elite (16 Diamond, 32 Gold Ingot, 64 Iron Ingot, 128 Coal. Set of Iron Armor, Diamond Sword) -EVERY 5 HOURS-
~/sethome [1,2,3] (Awesome for raiding..)
~Ignore - Can be used to ignore annoying/abusive players (N/A)
~Free Premium Vault (N/A)
~Free nickname

Superior [$50]:
~Custom Text
~Custom Rank
~$160000 In-Game
~Kit Superior (64 Diamond, 128 Gold Ingot, 256 Iron Ingot, 512 Coal. Set of Diamond Armor, Diamond Sword, All stats to 300) -EVERY 5 HOURS-
~/sethome [1,2,3]
~Free Supreme Vault
~Free nickname

Terms of Service:
All payments are made through Donation, meaning they are Non-Refundable! Hence the title Donation it is you're choice to Contribute. If you received said service and get banned we have no legal obligation to refund you. We won't waste you're money so don't waste our time. If you do not agree to any of these terms you are not allowed to purchase from us. Thank you.
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Donation & Prices -MINECRAFT-
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